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Why use a Personal Trainer / Coach?

Get rid of having to plan your workout and diet programs. Let your coach make everything perfect for you. You don't need to think, just follow your tailored programs, see your body change and learn from the process.

Through our collaboration / nutritional and training counseling, I can help you to understand; What you should eat to achieve your goals, why, how much and when!

Which exercises and which techniques you need to achieve your goals; the number of sets, repetitions, and how often it needs to be done for the desired effect.

Are you unsure about how the exercises should be performed correctly? Through our collaboration we will work out what is most efficient for your current training. We will add techniques that will make sure you get better contact to the muscles (mind muscle connection)!

Whether you want quick results, get to know your body, so that you will have a better understanding about what works for you and not against your body or if you need inspiration, after a long time without results.



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