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What is a Personal Trainer / Coach?

• A "consultant" who advises and guides you to a more effective workout!

• A lifestyle coach who motivates and inspires you to get more out of your workout!

• One who tailors your programs based on your wishes and needs!

• One who makes sure that your training is most effective! Optimization of your time at the gym!

• One that takes into account: Your wishes, injuries, stress, activity levels, time available, etc ....!


Changing your eating habits to a healthier, tailored and structured plan will not only optimize your health but also your performance skills and energy levels. It does matter what you put in your mouth, the diet is crucial whether your goal is better wellness, weight loss or muscle building.

Through our collaboration / nutritional counseling, I can help you to understand; What you should eat to achieve your goals, why, how much and when!

Anyone can use a personal trainer...

Whether you want quick results, get to know what functions for your body, so that it will work with you and not against you or if you need inspiration after a long time without results.

Online Coaching...

With online coaching everything is done through email. At the start of our cooperation, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire. This should be done as thoroughly as possible, the more info you disclose about yourself and your wishes through this cooperation, the better we can together create your success story!

Hereafter your coach prepares your diet and exercise programs that meets your needs and desires. Sparring with your coach through e-mail ensures that you will get a better understanding of the diet / workout, so you also learn why the programs are composed as they are..




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